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This super-food, Kimchi, could be the secret to a long life.

Did you know that South Korea is the first country in the world that is expected to be the first country where life expectancy reaches 90 years of age? The reason why? The super-food, Kimchi, which consists of fermented cabbage and/or vegetables and is a common side dish eaten in South Korea. It’s salty and spicy and full of probiotics and Vitamins A and B. Just to make it very clear: Probiotics are actually bacteria and/or yeasts that are good for our health and in particular good for our digestive system. In addition to the above this super-food also contains something called lactobacilli which again is a good bacteria (and can be found in healthy yoghurts as well). The reason to why the lactobacilli bacteria is healthy is mainly due to it’s anti-inflammantory benefits. This particular bacteria has the ability to reduce risk for potential infections that attack our body!

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What is Acai and how what do we know about its nutrition?

How nutritious is the acai berry? Many say it’s the healthiest and tastiest berry in the world but with many different food trends coming and going it’s hard to really know whether it’s a PR trick or genuinely something worth adapting into one’s diet. Can something tasty really be healthy?

Let’s take a look into what acaiĀ is and what it contains.

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