29 Aug 2017

Royal Jelly is the one thing you won’t be able to live without

After reading this article we can promise

29 Aug 2017

After reading this article we can promise you that Royal Jelly will bet he one product you won’t be able to live without!

So let’s start with the basics, how is it produced? Royal Jelly is produced by worker honey bees and is then being used as nutrition for the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee is double the size of regular bees, it lays 2000 eggs a day (female working bees are infertile) and lives 40 times longer than regular bees. Purely based on these findings, humans suggest that it will have tremendous positive effects on us humans as well.

To the big question… How does it effect humans? The truth is, for a long time it has been used in hair growth products, skin tonics as well as traditional medicines for life longevity in Europe and Asia.

Royal jelly has been studied for a variety of actions, including antibiotic, anti tumor, lowering blood pressure, and regulating the immune system. Additionally, effects on cholesterol, insulin-like action, and on the nervous system and female hormonal activity have been demonstrated. In short: this is your perfect home-remedy for maintaining your health.

How to use it: usually Royal Jelly can be found in three different forms – powder, capsules or it’s natural liquid form (frozen or fresh). Naturally the purest form is the least processed and therefore the best with regards to its nutrition and enzymes. A good tip is to mix fresh royal jelly with pure honey (9% royal jelly and 91% honey) and try to eat a teaspoon a day (preferably before breakfast). Usually our body absorbs nutrition better on an empty stomach.

What else didn’t we know about Royal Jelly?

  • it improves pregnancy rates
  • it stops dermatitis
  • it protects your liver
  • it boots growth of brain cells
  • it slows down the signs of ageing

… and so much ┬ámore.

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