12 Sep 2017

Where does the Food Waste go?

Did you ever wonder where the food

12 Sep 2017

Food going into a landfill to be decomposed.

Did you ever wonder where the food waste goes? We at Keepeat certainly do. Many people probably take out their trash and never think about what is being done with it after that step. You probably throw your trash out once a day, sometimes you might do it even more than once. But to the main point – you probably don’t think about what is being done to break it down after you have thrown it away, you just assume it gets taken care of. But let’s look at the whole process from the beginning.

If we tell you that food waste costs America alone about 162 billion USD a year – would you believe us? Yes, it’s true and the sad part is that this cost only represents the food waste (no other waste). If we look at it from a global perspective the food waste cost us 400 billion USD worldwide. However, looking at it from the bright side, this is the one cost we can lower on a global level by minimizing the amount of food that is thrown away.

Usually a big truck comes to collect the trash from your house or building. Later on, the waste is placed in landfills where it decomposes over time. Decomposing involves huge transmittance of methane which is one of the largest contributors to our climate change.

Moreover, we shall not forget that in order to make sure that the food gets decomposed not only large quantities of land is used but also a vast quantity of water and fertilizers. There are also other elements of environmental damages that need to be taken into consideration, for example the amount of fuel that is needed to refrigerate and transport the food waste to the landfill.

So what’s a landfill exactly? In a few words it’s basically a system designed for long-term waste disposal. It’s designed for a safe disposal, where the trash is placed in the landfill where it can be compacted over time. The system is designed in a way where the surroundings such as the water supply, land around it and air get monitored on a regular basis to not suffer major damages from the waste management.

It’s really important to be cautious with the food we buy. Let’s minimize the waste together.


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