27 Sep 2017

Food waste in the UAE – in Numbers

Did you know that more than 1

27 Sep 2017

Did you know that more than 1 trillion dollars are wasted in the Middle East every single year as a result of food waste only?

But let’s take a step back and focus on the situation in the UAE:

  • The UAE currently wastes AED 15 billion (USD 4 billion) as a result of food waste
  • In Abu Dhabi 39 % of the annual 1.1 million ton of waste is caused by leftover or discarded food
  • Dubai is responsible for wasting a similar percentage (38%) but with the exception of an increase during Ramadan which is causing a food waste of 55% during the Holy Month

In a recent study conducted it was found that the following different foods are the main reasons for the waste; fresh meat (72%), fruits and vegetables (68%), dairy (66%), frozen food (63) and grains (54%).

Looking at another interesting aspect of the food waste it was found that:

  • the most wasted food category is the left-overs from take away or home cooked food 

Which is a very interesting finding for Keepeat – in addition, to creating awareness and donating food to food banks (before it’s too late due to the expiry date) Keepeat has created a platform to sell the leftover food to a discounted price in order to enable consumers to purchase cheaper food and facilitate cafes and restaurants to generate revenue instead of loss on unsold food.

As a result we would not only have happy end users and food outlets in the UAE but also a healthier climate. Below you will find some global food waste facts which we together can help minimize:

  • 25 % of the fresh water available is used to produce the food that we waste globally
  • The size of the landfills used to decompose the food is 198 million hectares, which is the size of Mexico
  • 5,600 megatons of dangerous gases are a direct result of producing the food which is in the end wasted or lost

For more interesting facts, stay tuned.

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