09 Nov 2017

All about Water.

Today it’s all about water. Why? Because

09 Nov 2017

Today it’s all about water. Why? Because our  bodies consist of 60% water! Incredible, right?

But what’s more impressive is that the surface of the earth contains 71% water and water is the only substance that is naturally found in three forms (liquid, gas and solid)!

Exchanging your fizzy drink or juice to pure water will help you cutting down calories automatically while eating, or at least keep your beverages calories at zero. Did you know that water helps energizing the muscles within our bodies? Without a sufficient amount of daily water intake you won’t be able to perform your best in the gym. And this one is for the ladies: if you want to have a healthy looking skin – include plenty of water in your diet. This will hydrate your skin and work as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss.

Water will balance your body fluids and help you with digestion as well as transport the right waste products in and our of your cells, meaning your kidneys will also function better if you stay hydrated and drink enough water. If you aren’t a big fan of drinking pure water – try to eat fruits and veggies rather than other items as they contain a high level of liquids (i.e. water).

Did you know that water can improve your mood and will help you think clearly? Thus, always remember to keep a bottle on your desk, in your car or in your bag.


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